Welcome to Pågen

We are a family business with a tradition of baking that goes back to 1878. Today we are Sweden’s leading bakery. Maybe you have tried some of our bread, well-known brands like LingonGrova, PågenLimpan or Jättefranska? We also bake tasty bite-sized cinnamon rolls known as Gifflar, and Krisprolls. Overall, we have about sixty different products, all baked with love.

Baking with love

Sustainable products

We bake all our bread without preservatives. The long shelf life is due to excellent hygiene standards in our bakeries. Bread is a climate-smart food and an easy way to refill energy.


Quality ingredients

We mainly bake with Swedish ingredients. Our most important ingredient is flour and it comes from our own mills. We have a close, long-term relationship with farmers who grow cereals in fields nearby.


Sustainability overview

Bread is already climate-smart food. On a daily basis, we strive to further reduce our impact on the environment by using resources efficiently, choosing sustainable alternatives and reduce food waste.