Pågen in brief

Pågen is Sweden’s leading bakery selling naturally good packaged fresh bread, Gifflar, Krisprolls and cakes.

We are a family business with a tradition of baking that goes back to 1878, when Anders and Matilda Påhlsson started to bake and sell bread from their home in Malmö in Southern Sweden.

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Pågen started out as a small bakery and the same genuine knowledge still characterises the way we bake, even if it is on a much bigger scale. Today we have two bakeries in Malmö and Gothenburg, where our skilled bakers bake every day. We bake for future generations – what we bake we want to be able to give our children.

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Pågen has around forty different types of bread in our range. Among them famous brands like LingonGrova and Hönökaka, and the best-selling pastry in the Nordic region – Gifflar. We also bake hotdog and hamburger bread and the world’s most popular Swedish toasts – Krisprolls. We bake around sixty different products.

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Business idea:
Pågen bakes, develops and markets a fresh range of bakery products that are distinct, affordable and the consumer’s clear choice.

To be a natural part of all occasions.

We bake for future generations.

We sell bread in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Germany and export Gifflar and Krisprolls to around 25 countries.

Bakeries in Malmö and Gothenburg.

Head office:
In Malmö, in adjacent to the bakery.

Financial information:
Turnover 4 billion SEK

Full-time employees: