Inspiration around bread and baking

We’ve been baking bread for over 140 years and would love to share our knowledge about bread and baking. Everything from useful tips for home bakers and recipes to interesting facts about bread, storage, health and nutrition.

How to become an expert baker

For how long should the dough be kneaded? What makes the bread juicy? How do you get a crispy crust on top?

Our bakers have gathered their best tips that make it easier for you to succeed with the baking.

Baking tips

Facts about bread and baking

We advice you on how to best store your bread and what you can do with old bread. We also give you interesting facts about sourdough and raising methods.

Do you for example know why you shouldn’t store bread in the fridge and what makes bread get stale?

More interesting facts about bread

Good for your well-being to eat bread

There are lots of good things in bread. It’s an easy way to refill energy, fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals.

It’s important to make conscious choices about your wants and preferences. That’s why we are transparent in what our products contain.

More about bread and well-being