Our values

One sentence summarizes our values – we bake with love. Every time we make an important decision, we ask ourselves: Is this baking with love? This gives us guidance in our major decisions. Our values can be broken down into four areas:


The people working at Pågen have many different backgrounds and experiences. What unites us is our commitment, which includes passion and consideration. We are proud of our products and our company and we care about our consumers, costumers, colleagues and our environment. We focus on the possibilities and we work daily with development and continuous improvements.


There is always more to learn and understand, even if we have baked bread since 1878 and are the biggest bakery in Sweden today. We are solution-oriented, we do not give up and we learn from both successes and mistakes. We want to challenge and continuously improve, regardless of whether it sometimes means making decisions in difficult circumstances. Courage also means to dare to act on behaviours that exclude.


As long as people like our products we can exist and develop further – a trust we take very seriously. We can never compromise on quality and we take responsibility for ensuring that our decisions are sustainable in the long term. Our employees feel a personal responsibility to work proactively and contribute to Pågen's success.


Together we achieve the best results by working towards our common goals. We show each other trust and respect, even if we are different from one another. Everyone has a part in creating a positive working climate by giving and receiving constructive feedback. Solidarity is also about caring for relationships with customers, consumers and the outside world.

Baking with love is the foundation of everything we do