Our values

One sentence summarizes our values – we bake with love. Every time we make an important decision, we ask ourselves: Is this baking with love? This gives us guidance in our major decisions. Our values can be broken down into three areas:


We are successful through our commitment, our willingness to develop and our focus on opportunities. Together we make things happen and we work towards our common goals. We care about each other, our consumers, customers and the world around us.


We have baked bread since 1878 and we continue to learn from both successes and mistakes. It requires that we stand up for our business, our values and have the courage to challenge both ourselves and each other. We act and make decisions regardless of the situation.


We take responsibility for our actions and make decisions with a long-term perspective. We look at the whole picture, collaborate and feel ownership for us as a company to achieve success. Being respecful but challenging characterizes our way of working.

Baking with love is the foundation of everything we do