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We use cookies on this website for statistical purposes and to improve the ease of use for you.

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When we're conducting user surveys, permanent cookies are stored on your computer so that you're only asked once if you want to take part in the survey.

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How we manage your personal details

The Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL) aims to protect individual persons from having their personal integrity breached when personal data are processed.

Personal data that you submit on this website in connection with your filling in a form or taking part in competitions/campaigns are processed by us in order that we can either choose the winners in competitions/campaigns or to enable you to contact us.

Your personal data are processed by Pågen AB and its approved partners.

If you want information about which personal data are processed by Pågen, to request the correction of incorrect personal data or if you want to stop deliveries of direct marketing from us, you can request this in writing by contacting Pågen AB, Box 8143, 200 41 Malmö, Sweden – write “Personuppgifter” ("Personal data") on the envelope.

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