Our employees are the heart of baking with love

Our job is to bake fresh, delicious bread for many people to enjoy. We all bake with love, no matter what we work with in Pågen. All employees are an important part of the chain that allows us to bake at night and deliver our products to stores in Sweden early in the morning and to export.

We are open to new approaches and solutions. We look for people who are creative, make things happen and want to be part of our community.

For vacancies, visit our local websites - www.pagen.se, www.pagen.de, www.pagen.fi, www.pagen.dk and www.pagen.no.

Contact Pågen's HR department

Unfortunately, we don’t have the opportunity to receive spontaneous applications. We kindly ask you to apply to vacancies that are posted on our local websites. This gives us the opportunity to handle your personal data according to GDPR-regulations.

For other HR-questions, email us at: hr@pagen.se

Our working environment in focus

A working environment where our employees feel good is important for us if we want to continue baking bread in the future. Examples of how we achieve this:
• Continuously review the working environment, assess risks, remedy and follow up to prevent risks of occupational injuries and work-related ill-health.
• Create a stimulating work environment that provides the opportunity for personal and professional development.
• Have zero tolerance against discrimination, bullying and harassment.
• We take both diversity and competence into account when recruiting.
• Invest in health-promoting initiatives and have a generous wellness program for employees.