Social responsibility through sponsorship

At Pågen we bake with love. That governs our entire business and also influences our view on sponsorship. This is why, our sponsorship, is aimed at occasions where our bread can make a difference and help people enjoy a better daily life. 

Sponsorship of charities

Pågen collaborates with organisations which, through great responsibility, care and commitment, help people in need of support. For instance we contributed with bread to the City Mission's and Swedish Red Cross Youth's efforts to provide breakfast for schoolchildren in the vicinity. Breakfast helps giving the pupils a good start to the day and better ability to get through their schooling. Over the years we have also given contributions to Save the Children, the Swedish Childhood Cancer fund and UNICEF instead of christamas gifts.

Sponsorship through our employees

We also want to support children and young people within sport and other non-profit contexts. We achieve this by contributing with our bread to various organisations where our own employees volunteer.

Sponsorship of sport events

Pågen want to promote events within the health area that support more people to exercise. Therefore we cooperate with some major Swedish sport events like Gothia Cup, Åhus Beach and Halör Cup.

Since we are already supporting a number of projects and events, unfortunately we do not have the opportunity to take in new initiatives.

We support initiatives where our bread can make a difference
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