Oh so tasty!

We know. It’s impossible to open a bag of Gifflar and only take one. It's as if there’s something magical that attracts you. Again and again. But there is no magic, just irresistibly tasty Gifflar with delicious, curly-swirly fillings. Made in bite size to allow you to easily sneak another, or share – if there are any left!

Gifflar Cinnamon are baked in Sweden using Swedish flour from Pågen's own mill.


You are not the only one who would like to take another. It's so hard not to, so if you want to keep your croissants to yourself, you do best to hide them in a safe place. Be creative, in the pantry they are guaranteed to be eaten.

Enjoyed by both
big and small

Everyone is happy with Gifflar. The perfect size and delicious filling attracts both large and small, so present enough so that no one is disappointed.

For all

At home or out. Croissants are always included. Set a coffee table or bring a bag on the excursion. We promise, everyone will be happy when Gifflar is offered. Equally good to always have at least two bags ready. You do not want to be left empty-handed.