A crispy bite takes you there - to the south of Sweden. Vast cornfields under the wide open Nordic sky. Smells drifting on winds from the sea. Flour being ground at our own mills. We bake our KRISPROLLS® following a recipe developed over four generations. Each variety has its own special character and a rich wonderful taste thanks to carefully chosen ingredients. KRISPROLLS® give you an abundance of flavour that is truly nature´s own.

Skorpor- or Original Swedish Toasts, or Véritables Pains Grillés Suédois, or Auténticos Panecillos Suecos, or Crostini Croccanti Svedesi, to mention just a few of the many names – is an old Swedish bread speciality that has become an international favourite thanks to the successful launch of KRISPROLLS from Pågen.

Since the late 1970’s KRISPROLLS® has been introduced in more than 40 countries worldwide. Today KRISPROLLS is a daily companion for breakfast, lunch and snacking occasions across countries. KRISPROLLS - No. 1 in the world among Swedish style toasts.

KRISPROLLS is a crunchy, delicious, long-lasting speciality bread with healthy connotations. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day, with or without a topping of your choice, sweet or savoury.