Are you allergic or have an intolerance?

It's important to feel safe when you choose to eat Pågen bread. This is why we bake our bread in such a way to ensure that we have the most possible control over the different ingredients. Our intolerance table shows which of our breads are suitable for you. You can simply tick off eleven different ingredients, including milk, egg, gluten and almonds. If you have any questions or comments regarding our work on intolerance issues or the table design, please get in touch.

Product Contains Traces of
Cream-filled muffins with delicious lemon cream gluten, egg almonds
Cream-filled muffins with delicious vanilla cream gluten, egg almonds
Energi gluten
Finska Pågar almonds, gluten milk (including lactose)
Funs Vaniljkräm gluten, egg, milk (including lactose) almonds
Gifflar Cinnamon almonds, gluten, egg, milk (including lactose)
Gifflar Pepparkaka almonds, gluten, egg, milk (including lactose)
Gifflar Saffran almonds, gluten, egg, milk (including lactose)
Gifflar Vanilj almonds, gluten, egg, milk (including lactose)
Gott Gräddat gluten
Guldkorn gluten
Hamburgerbröd sesame seeds, gluten
Hönökaka gluten
Hönö Bohuskaka gluten
Hönö Skärgårdskaka gluten
Julefröjd gluten
Julvört gluten
JätteFranska gluten
Kavring gluten
Kneipp gluten
Kornelle gluten
Korvbröd gluten sesame seeds
KRISPROLLS Briochée gluten, milk (including lactose)
KRISPROLLS Fibre gluten
KRISPROLLS Golden Wheat gluten
KRISPROLLS Wholegrain gluten
KRISPROLLS Wholegrain No sugar added gluten
KärnSund gluten
LantGoda gluten
Lingongrova Special gluten
LingonGrova gluten
Lingon BRÖD gluten
Längtan gluten
PågenLimpan gluten
Rasker gluten
Roast'n Toast gluten
Rosta gluten
Rågbröd gluten sesame seeds
Semlebullar gluten sesame seeds
SkördeLycka gluten
Soft BRÖD gluten
Subs gluten
Subs BRÖD gluten
Surdegstoast med vallmo gluten
Vörtbröd gluten
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