How long will Pågen’s bread keep?

Giving our bread a long shelf-life is important to us. Mainly because it contributes to reducing the risk of food waste.

Pågen offers bread that stays fresh for long without using preservatives. We are very careful about hygiene in our bakeries to prevent mould spores getting into the bread. No one touches the bread after it comes out of the oven and before it is packed. A lot of our bread is baked with sourdough, which affects shelf-life in a positive way.

The durability of bread depends on how it is baked and with what, how it is stored, the type of packaging used and the temperature at which it is stored. We mark the durability on the packaging by specifying what day it was baked and a best-before-date. In its original packaging and stored at room temperature, our products keep at least to the best before date. If bread is mouldy you should of course not eat it, but often it is thrown away completely unnecessarily.