Do you use palm oil in any of your products?

We only use palm oil in our Swedish toasts (Krisprolls) and in Gifflar Cinnamon and Muffins. These products also contain rapeseed oil. We try to use as much of this instead without sacrificing quality, durability and consistency. We also aim to find solutions to phase out palm oil. Before we totally replace palm oil, we want to be sure that the alternative is well-evaluated so that it is both a sustainable and healthy alternative.

The environmental and social impact of large-scale palm oil production has been at the expense of valuable tropical forests and this is not something that we want to contribute to. We are a member of the WWF’s Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RPSO) initiative, which seeks to promote sustainable production of palm oil. Since 2016 we have switched to solely using palm oil from certified plantations. Pågen complies with the WWF’s recommendations not to boycott palm oil because it is part of many people’s livelihoods and is a resource-efficient crop if it is grown in the right way.