Our aim is zero food waste

Food waste is one of the major sustainability issues in the World. For us it is natural to take care of all waste products. We adopt circular thinking in everything we do and work in all parts of the bread chain to minimize the amount of waste products.

Circular food system

As a manufacturer of fresh products it is important to have a circular approach, something we have lived by for a long time. The idea is about having as little waste as possible and having efficient solutions for reuse or recycling. We work actively in three areas:

  • Reuse of unsold bread
  • Reduce food waste in homes
  • Recycle bakery waste

Reuse of unsold bread

Although we prefer people to eat our bread there will always be some bread that is not sold. In Sweden, Pågen has created a unique circular system of reusing bread that we are very proud of.

Our salesmen take back unsold bread to Pågen, without driving any extra miles. Most of the ‘return bread’ we recycle in our yeast production and use it when we bake new bread.

Packaging is separated at the beginning of the process and sent to recycling. Then the bread is ground and used in yeast production. This way we avoid waste and get yeast just as the bakery wants it. The waste that can’t be used by the yeast factory is recycled as animal feed or bioethanol.

We work hard to get as little bread left over in shops as possible. We constantly improve delivery planning and shelf filling, something we need to do without compromising the consumers’ access to the bread they want.

The fresher the bread on the shelf, the less bread we get returned, and the less bread is wasted in homes. We constantly oversee our range so that we have the most attractive range on the shelf.

Reduce food waste in homes

The largest part of food waste is in homes. We want to ensure that less food is thrown away. Our most important contribution is high quality bread with a long life span.

Through extremely good hygiene in our bakeries we offer bread that lasts a long time in consumers’ homes without adding preservatives. Our bread has not been frozen previously so you can store it in your freezer without any problems.  

We have a wide range of bread for all tastes and different sizes to suit different households. Our bread is sliced ​​so there is less risk of parts being thrown away. If you freeze our bread just take out as much as you need.

We help you become more aware of how long bread keeps by encouraging you to feel, smell and look at bread before throwing it away. We also provide ideas on how to use old bread in your cooking.

More about how you keep bread fresh

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Recycle bakery waste

It is inevitable that we get some waste in our bakeries. Edges that are cut off, or bread that has been baked the wrong way. Our bread waste is already at comparatively low levels and we constantly work to reduce it even further.

The majority of inevitable bread waste is reused in our yeast production. The rest is recycled together with dough waste and becomes animal feed or bioethanol.

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