Our social responsibility

We bake with love. It is with us when we select raw ingredients, when we bake and when we transport our bread to stores. We do it with consideration to our consumers, our employees and the world around us. Here you can read more about our social responsibility.

Our children eat what we bake

One of our bakers once wrote this on a piece of paper and pinned it up in our bakery. It perfectly describes what it means for us at Pågen to bake with love.

Our bread shouldn't only taste good, but it should also maintain a high level of quality. We measure, smell and taste our breads, gifflar, muffins and toasts to ensure they live up to our demanding requirements. The bread should taste just as good, and be of the same quality, four days after baking as it was on the day it was baked.

We also want our work to be judged by an outstanding body. This is why our bakeries are certified each year in accordance with BRC Global Standards. This gives us proof of certification that we maintain high standards in the food industry.

Short transportation

In our effort to be climate-aware, we constantly work to use nature's resources as gently as possible. We have efficient distribution that is organised so that our vehicles travel the fewest number of miles. Once our old lorries have done their bit, we replace them with more fuel-efficient versions.

Locally sourced

Our mills in Lilla Harrie and Gothenburg are situated only a few kilometres from or right next door to the bakeries. Our grains are cultivated within a radius of 100 miles from the mills, which allows for shorter transport routes, lower CO2 emissions and better air quality.


In order to reduce the impact on the environment and bake even more efficiently, we are currently rebuilding our two bakeries. It is an energy-saving project that will reduce the bakeries' total CO2 emissions by at least 15% per year.

The project includes a number of different measures, such as reusing energy from the entire baking process – the ovens, compressors, cooling machines and exhaust air ventilation, and by replacing lighting, vents, pumps and other equipment for more energy-efficient alternatives and more environmentally-friendly systems.

By 2016 at the latest, our ambition is to reduce energy usage per loaf baked by at least 15%, which corresponds to 3,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year. The energy savings correspond to heating around 1000 homes for a year.

Reduced wastage

Food waste has become one of our time's greatest environmental threats, and as bread is a common staple in Swedish households, it is something which we at Pågen must relate to. At Pågen we do not throw away any bread, but deal with it in other ways.

We work constantly to reduce the excess created, primarily in the form of returns from stores. We turn the excess in to new yeast or reuse it as animal feed. Around eight Swedish farms feed their pigs with our bread.

Fresher for longer

One of the reasons why our perfectly edible bread is thrown away in Swedish homes is the lack of knowledge on how long bread actually stays fresh. Thanks to our carefully-selected raw ingredients, cleaner bakeries and more efficient packaging, Pågen's bread stays fresher for longer, and does not need to be thrown away as often.

5 tips for reviving dry bread

Bread is one of the most common food items thrown in the bin – much of it unnecessarily. This is what you can do to avoid throwing away bread.

  • Make breadcrumbs
  • Use in your cooking, such as for French toast
  • Toast the bread
  • Feed the birds
  • Make Swedish toasts with it


Diverse bakery

You could say that Pågen is a diverse bakery. We contribute to Sweden having perhaps the world's most varied bread varieties, and our employees have different backgrounds from a number of places. 

At Pågen we bake with love. And we've done this since we were a small family company in 1878 - today we have a family of 1400 employees from many different countries. So, quite simply, we bake with love from around the world.

We respect and consider every employee's background, experiences, competence and knowledge. We are confident we can do better business by utilising this diversity. Good ideas are often a result of people with different perspectives working together as a team.

Our bread shouldn't only taste good, but it should also maintain a high level of quality
At Pågen we do not throw away any bread, but deal with it in other ways
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